Fierce Controllers Recommended Wastegate

At Fierce we want to provide insight, knowledge and recommendations for all your automotive requirements. We have a recommended list of gates to fit your horsepower and flow needs.

Recommended Turbosmart Wastegates

Turbosmart 38mm UltraGate Turbosmart 40mm CompGate Turbosmart 45mm hypergate Turbosmart 50mm progate
Turbosmart 38mm UltraGateTurbosmarts ultra-compact wastegate designed for street and race applications. Great for small displacement engines and slightly modified engines. More Info Turbosmart 40mm CompGateGreat for modified small displacement motors. Great flow in a compact design. More Info Turbosmart 45mm HyperGateThe Turbosmart Hypergate is a great size for engines with more than 4.0L and running 10-20lbs+ of boost. More Info Turbosmart 50mm PowerGateGreat for those small block V8 turbo cars looking to run with medium boost settings. More Info
Turbosmart 60mm powergate Turbosmart universal internal gate
Turbosmart 60mm PowerGateThe 60mm Powergate is perfect for big cubic inch turbo motors. usually only used in race applications. More Info Turbosmart 150mm Internal GateUniversal upgraded wastegate actuator. More Info

Recommended TiAL Wastegates

tial sport f38 wastegate tial sport f41 wastegate tial sport f46 wastegate tial sport mv-s wastegate
TiAL SPORT F3838mm Great for small street engine combinations. has the standard 2-bolt flange. More Info  TiAL SPORT F41 41mm Great for small street/race engine combinations. Has the older 4 bolt flange style. More Info TiAL SPORT F46 46mm Great for mid sized engines running lower boostMore Info  TiAL SPORT MV-SFits the same applications as the F38 but is smaller and has a water cooled actuator top. More Info
tial sport mv-r wastegate tial sport v60 wastegate
 TiAL SPORT MV-R 44mm Great design for mid sized engines running 10-20psi+ small footprint and is watercooled. More Info  TiAL SPORT V60 Used in Drag racing applications with big displacement engines. More Info