User Rides Josh Coldiron’s Celica GT-four

User Ride:  Josh Coldiron’s Celica GT-four

A few months ago we had a social media contest to promote our brand. We were giving away free boost controllers to individuals who entered by sharing our posts. One of you winners has a cool project that we had to share. This is Josh’s Celica GTfour that is now riding with a fierce boost controller.


celica gt4

celica gt4

For those of you that don’t know about the gt-four, it is a high performance version of the celica. It was created to compete in the world rally championship and features a 200hp 3s-gte turbocharged 4 cylinder with full-time AWD. Josh has owned this car since 1999 and has an impressive list of handling and performance parts installed. His blog can be found at Celica GT-four blog. Josh is also very active with his youtube channel where he features certain sections of his build and conducts product reviews.

Though during his testing he did not have a data-logger available he felt that the fierce boost controller was more consistent and more responsive than his Greddy electronic boost controller.

For his testing Josh used the Fierce Manual Boost Controller.

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