Turbo MufflersCoolest sleep idea ever. Is this the new turbo muffler?

Alright, we all wish to go faster and what is the most efficient way of doing this? Add a turbo right? Though this will produce positive results it is often a costly venture, especially if done professionally. Here we want to salute the DIY builders and their unparalleled ingenuity in creating a cheaper turbo system. Let’s keep this post growing if you have an awesome redneck build we want to see it. Find us on facebook post your picture and I’ll move it over here. Fierce Controllers


RAM AIR TURBORam air or snorkel?

PVC turboWho hasn’t used PVC on a turbo build? It is up there with zip ties.

plumbing2Not sure where to even start.

muffle carb hatInteresting use of resources. No carb hat? no problem!

holy WG mountingInteresting to see two lines merging into one for the wastegate

DIYStandard DIY build

best welding everHoly welding Batman!

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