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Welcome to our Knowledge center!

In here your will find the resources to help guide you with your automotive learning. We believe that great products and open knowledge are the success to the automotive community. If you like any of you publications please share them around. Likewise, if you know of some good information sources let us know so we can add it to the knowledge center.


Our Publications

Manual Boost Controller Install-The manual that comes with all of our boost controllers.

Best Boost Controller-Bleed Valve or Ball and spring. Which is the best boost controller? Read more to find out.

Don’t buy a cheap wastegate.-Let alone the quality issues, failures, and poor craftsmanship. We take a look at the inefficiencies of these inferior products



Turbo Communities site for general turbo discussions. They are big into turbo-charged mustangs site for owners of the 3000gt/stealth crowd. much anything 4G63 related. Eclipse, Talons, Lasers site for the EVO community resources on the grand nationals and t-types. These guys have a ton of DIY projects.


Other Resources

Reading a Turbo Map