Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What does a boost controller do?

A: A boost controller simply regulates the pressure going to the wastegate, therefore regulating the pressure the turbo can produce


Q: How does it work?

A: our controllers function on the ball and spring principle. See Here for more information


Q: Can I install it on any turbo car?

A: The controllers can be installed on turbo anything. Motorcycle, cars, trucks, watercrafts.


Q: Can I just install it and turn up the boost safely?

A: No. We recommend that you have an upgraded intake and exhaust to let the motor breath. You should also consult with your tuner before turning up the boost.


Q: Can I lower the boost

A: No a boost controller can only go down as low as the wastegate spring will allow.


Q: how does it make my car faster?

A: Our design will increase power output by raising the pressure the turbo creates. Every engine combination is different and we cannot give you an exact number. As a general rule your HP is a function of boost pressure and naturally aspirated HP. The magic number to use is 14.7. that is because there is 14.7 psi in 1 atmospheric pressure.Example : NA mustang making 300hp and at 14.7 psi it should make 600  at 22psi it will make 750hp. In addition to raising the pressure our design will hold the wastegate closed longer, therefore making the boost come in faster. In some applications as much as 600rpm.


Q: Does your product have a warranty?

A: All of our products come with a 1-year manufactures warranty. Warranty covers CDC Innovations products only, and will not cover damages to vehicle or any components of the vehicle.


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