What is boost

Definition of Boost Before learn what is boost we need to define which boost we are actually referring to.  We are not improving moral, productivity or stealing something. We are talking about boosting an engine via a supercharger or turbocharger. In the simplest form an engine is an air compressor. It sucks atmospheric air in, then […]

Turbo Mufflers


Coolest sleep idea ever. Is this the new turbo muffler? Alright, we all wish to go faster and what is the most efficient way of doing this? Add a turbo right? Though this will produce positive results it is often a costly venture, especially if done professionally. Here we want to salute the DIY builders […]

Video: Insane 3,000 HP Turbo Mustang

Every now and then we come across a car build that we just have to share. This time it is a twin turbo right hand drive Mustang built by the guys at CV Performance located in Australia. This car is simply wicked   It features a Robert Design aluminum, water jacketed block,  GRP aluminum rods, and […]


How to size a wastegate

How to size a wastegate Sizing a wastegate is a critical step to providing a reliable turbo system. learning how to size a wastegate to an engine combination is straightforward-ish. There are many factors that go into the sizing of a waste-gate, but there are some general rules that you can use. Before we get into […]

Installing a Turbo on a Mustang

Installing a turbo system on any car can be a daunting challenge. There are numerous exhaust components, brackets, fittings, etc that need to be installed properly in order for the system to operate correctly and safely. Since we have always been mustang fans here at Fierce Controllers we wanted to share one of the best […]

celica gt4

User Rides Josh Coldiron’s Celica GT-four

User Ride:  Josh Coldiron’s Celica GT-four A few months ago we had a social media contest to promote our brand. We were giving away free boost controllers to individuals who entered by sharing our posts. One of you winners has a cool project that we had to share. This is Josh’s Celica GTfour that is now […]

Free Boost Controller Contest

  ATTENTION: WE ARE GIVING AWAY A FREE MANUAL BOOST CONTROLLER EVERY WEEK FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH!!! Everyone likes getting a good deal on go-fast parts. You can’t beat this deal!! We are super excited to release our new manual boost controller.This controller performs like a champ and is beautiful to boot. Features: 6061 […]

Free Boost Controller Contest


Hennessey mustang hits 195 mph

When it comes to aftermarket performance shops there is a vast array of capabilities that you can find. One of the most renowned and respected shops in the world is Hennessy performance located in Sealy, Texas. The shop was founded in 1991 by John Hennessey. They have been at the forefront of performance car modifications and tuning. […]

Turbo Memes

Thanks for checking out Fierce Boost Controllers. We all love turbochargers and turbo memes. Just for your enjoyment, we have posted some of our favorite turbo memes.  


GTX4088R Compressor Map

How to read a compressor map

Learning how to read a compressor map is one of the first items needed to properly specify a turbo for a given engine combination. The process of reading a compressor map is pretty straight forward once you have a basic understanding of the variables involved. Many of the turbo manufactures provide compressor maps, however some […]