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What is boost creep and how do you fix it

translate: Spanish Arabic What exactly is boost creep? Boost creep is a phenomenon in turbocharged vehicles where the system can not hold the desired pressure reliably. It may be caused by several scenarios which we will point out some of the more common causes of creep. Most car owners will only notice it when they begin […]

Ideal Wastegate Placement

How to Install a Manual Boost Controller

Congratulations on taking this step on improving your automobile’s performance. Installing a Manual Boost Controller, if done correctly, can significantly improve engine performance and turbo spool. If you are unsure on how to install a manual boost controller do your research and consult the help of a qualified professional. How to Install a Manual Boost […]

How a boost controller works

Understanding how a boost controller works Before embarking on upgrading your turbo car it is a good idea to understand how a boost controller works. This modification is simple to install and can yield significant performance increases. First and foremost if you don’t know what you are doing please research and consult the help of a […]

Ball and Spring boost controller

Bleed or Ball and Spring Manual Boost Controller. Which is the Best?

The difference between bleed or ball and spring manual boost controller. Before we get started on the specifics on choosing a bleed or ball and spring manual boost controller, let’s review how a typical single turbo setup is installed. Combustion engines are essentially air pumps. They suck in air and fuel, ignite, and the expanding gasses […]