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The Fierce Manual Boost Controller, CLICK HERE (MBC) was designed and manufactured by CDC Innovations LLC. Our main focus is to provide superior boost controller products at an competitive price. We take pride in great design and meticulous manufacturing. 100% of our products are assembled and tested right here in the USA. We also use the best materials in our boost controllers viton o-rings, stainless steel seats, billet 60601 aircraft aluminum, lightweight ceramics. They have been design to provide reliable service for years. Our boost controllers have been installed on many applications including turbo mustangs, Evos, and sportbikes.

Here at fierce controllers we also feel that it is important to work with the automotive communities to distribute knowledge and tutorials on automotive performance. Please checkout out blog page. we are constantly updating, and generating new informative articles.

We have a lot of projects moving so check back often to see what we are up to.

Recommended Parts-We are now carrying recommended turbo parts. These are parts we use on our own cars or have a great community following. We carry wastegates, blow off valves, boost gauges, turbos, and accessories.

Customer Builds-We want to showcase our customers and their high performance machines. Check out these incredible machines and get a chancel to look under the hood.

Tech Articles-we love sharing information about boost controllers and turbo cars. Check our blogs and Knowledge base to get more information

We understand you have a choice when selecting your performance components and we sincerely appreciate all our loyal customers!

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